-Your initial treatment will include a longer health history intake and consultation than the follow up appointments. The consultation may take up to 30 minutes. After that you will rest in one of our private treatment rooms for 20-45 mins. Heather will check on you accordingly to assure your comfort level.  

-Your follow up appointments will have a shorter consultation, then you will rest in one of the private relaxing treatment rooms for 35-50 minutes, depending on what aliment we are treating.

Glenwood Acupuncture

Acupuncture Glenwood 

What to Expect


First and Follow up Appointments 

-Wear loose fitting clothes; pants that can be pulled up past the knee and a shirt that can be pulled up to the elbow. Also make sure you have had something to eat before the treatment, a light meal or snack.

-Is it painful? Majority of the time you do not feel the pins as they are inserted. Sometimes you may feel a pinch when the needle is first inserted, which dissipa
tes quickly. After that you may feel sensations of a dull ache, throb, heat, cold, tingling, pulling or you may feel nothing at all. These sensations are a good sign that you body is receiving the healing signals from the pins. The sensations usually don't last through out the whole treatment. 

-Every patient and each treatment you feel something different. During and at the end of the treatment you feel very relaxed, this is because during a treatment your body kicks into the parasympathetic nervous system. This system is responsible for rest and digest, this is where majority of the healing process takes place.

- Depending on what we are treating, how the patient responds to the treatment and lifestyle advice will determine how many treatment will be needed to resolve the health complaint. I've treated pain that someone has had for 15 plus years and with in one treatment the pain was completely gone and hasn't returned. Then another patient, with the same type of pain, age, gender and lifestyle needed 10 treatments to get the pain down over 50%. After the first treatment will give us a good idea of how many treatments will be needed.