Acupuncture increases white blood cells, increases circulation, reduces inflammation and fever, relaxes the nervous and muscular system and opens the blood vessels.

Acupuncture is a part of the infinity of Chinese medicine. Chinese medicine has been practiced for over two thousand years. Chinese Medicine believes that health is when the yin and yang with in our bodies are in balance (homeostasis). We can either get sick from having too much of something or not enough (or a combination of the two). When we have too much of something Chinese medicine calls this pathogens. There are 6 pathogens that can cause a disharmony, they include: heat (inflammation), cold (degenerative disorders), damp (mostly linked to bacterial disorders), phlegm (nodules and most cancers), dryness (not enough fluids) and wind (most colds, flus and any disorder that changes rapidly). When we get sick from having not enough of something, this means we are missing vital substances that keep us healthy. These include qi (energy/ non physical matter) , blood (nutrition/physical matter) , yin (rest), yang (activity) and essence (hormones and genetic factors). Chinese medicine takes into consideration the balance of the body, mind and spirit and how it effects our health.

Acupuncture uses very small stainless steel needles to stimulate certain acupuncture points. There are 365 main points (and hundreds more) that are located on meridians through out the body. Within these meridians the qi and blood flows, when it is not flowing correctly (from having not enough of something or too much of something) aliments form. Acupuncture increases the flow (circulation) so the innate intelligence of the body can correct itself and return to a more balanced state.

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Our bodies have an innate intelligence to return to a balanced state (homeostasis), and that is what we are doing by acupuncture, herbal supplements, lifestyle and nutritional changes, is returning your body back to a more balanced state.

What is Acupuncture?